The future of cell and gene therapy begins at BaseCamp.

Enabling your vision
for the future

We provide the tools, time, and environment to innovate, develop, and accelerate life-transformative therapies. BaseCamp is a dedicated cell and gene therapy R&D, process development, and manufacturing operation, using state-of-the-art facilities designed to rapidly develop single and multi-product, cell and gene therapies, regenerative medicine, and immunotherapies.

A full suite of enabling technologies
for the next generation of cell and gene therapies


140,000 sq/ft of manufacturing, lab and support space


Research & Development for immunotherapy, regenerative medicine and cell therapies


Process development and scaled manufacturing capabilities


Suites that include manufacturing labs, protein engineering, virology and immunology labs


Leading process development knowhow, manufacturing of viral vectors and immune cells


Quality Assurance through systems, analytics and QC laboratories with state-of-the art levels of automation

BaseCamp is designed to benefit
innovative cell and gene therapy portfolio companies and strategic partners


At ElevateBio we leverage our expertise to catalyze growth and validate early use cases from our portfolio companies to distribute technologies across multiple therapeutics.


The technologies we use lay the foundation for future, next-gen innovation, enable novel editing processes and ensure high throughput assessment that optimizes efficacy and safety.

Enabled By


Our portfolio companies benefit from our entrepreneurial and flexible culture. We accelerate early-stage companies through capital and expertise, allowing them to focus on science, research, and development.

Innovator in T-Cell Immunotherapies Established Out of Technology from the Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Cell and Gene Therapy

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Novel T Cell Immunotherapies Being Developed with Technology from The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Highly innovative genome editing technology platform accelerates and broadens ElevateBio’s cell and gene therapy enabling technologies

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Work with a team that delivers decades of experience

Meet the scientists and operators that bring decades of shared knowledge to the development of life-transforming cell and gene therapies. Their know-how moves potential product candidates from concept to commercialization.

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