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The Long Run

February 28, 2023

A Life in Biotech & the Cell Therapy Wave: David Hallal on The Long Run

This episode was recorded in person at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. Biotech history buffs will especially enjoy the first half, where he talks about what pharmaceutical sales was like and what it was like to work at Amgen in the early days.

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Biotech 2050 Podcast

October 12, 2022

A New Vision for Cell and Gene Therapy, Andrew Sandford & Michael Paglia, ElevateBio BaseCamp

Andrew Sandford and Michael Paglia are the President and COO, respectively, of ElevateBio BaseCamp®, a cell and gene therapy technology company powering transformative therapies. They join us from the company’s manufacturing facilities in Waltham, Massachusetts, for a discussion about the landscape of company creation in the cell and gene therapy space and how ElevateBio is helping companies bring innovation and therapeutics to clinics and patients to help treat and cure diseases.

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Ori Spotlight

July 12, 2022

Mike Paglia - Chief Operating Officer, ElevateBio

Mike Paglia, COO BaseCamp®, on ‘Ori Spotlight’ podcast discussing how Elevate supports the cell and gene therapy industry, the long-term benefits of digital manufacturing processes, and the importance of removing the cost barrier to CGTs.

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Accelerating Clinical Podcast

March 22, 2022

The Power of Collective Wisdom

Amit Mathur, CIO ElevateBio, on ‘Accelerating Clinical’ podcast, discussing the power of collective wisdom

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Cell & Gene Therapy Insights

February 22, 2022

Banking on the future of regenerative medicine with cGMP-compliant iPSC lines

Melissa Carpenter, pHD, CSO Regenerative Medicine

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American Builders Quarterly

January 18, 2022

Mario Miele Begins with the End in Mind

Mario Miele, VP Facilities and Engineering, article discussing the buildout of BaseCamp®

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BioProcess International

September 27, 2022

A Scalable and Robust Lentiviral Platform for GMP Manufacturing

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The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT)

May 3, 2022

A Robust and Scalable Platform Process for GMP Manufacturing of Lentiviral Vectors

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Compact RNA-guided nucleases from nonpathogenic soil microbes provide new tools for efficient and robust editing in human cells

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Elevated Insights

From gene editing to biomanufacturing, learn more about the cell and gene therapy industry from our team of industry-leading experts

January 2023

Reflecting on ElevateBio's First Five Years

From our Chairman and CEO, David Hallal

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June 2022

ElevateBio's Lentiviral Vector Platform: Right the first time

By: Mercedes Segura, Vice President, Process Development, ElevateBio, Dawn Maier, Vice President, Emerging Technologies, ElevateBio, and Bojiao Yin, Director of Vector Process Development, ElevateBio

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May 2022

Right from the start: Successfully managing the life cycles of cell and gene therapies

By Mike Paglia, Chief Operating Officer ElevateBio BaseCamp®

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April 2022

The Medicines of Tomorrow: A primer on the gene editing landscape

By Adrian Oliver, Ph.D., Senior Scientist of Technology Development, Life Edit Therapeutics

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June 2021

Addressing Gaps in Cystic Fibrosis Treatment by Fixing Nonsense Mutations

By Alexandra Crawley, PH.D., Co-founder and Principal Investigator, Life Edit Therapeutics, Inc.

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