Our Technology

Cutting-edge technologies powering gene and cell therapies today and for many decades to come


ElevateBio has been built to establish and leverage our expertise across multiple, integrated next-generation enabling technologies, including gene editing, iPSCs, and cell, protein, and vector engineering. With our highly innovative, next-generation enabling technologies under one roof and numerous experts in each field, we possess the ability to discover, develop, and manufacture therapeutics across a broad spectrum of cutting-edge cell and gene therapy technologies.

Gene Editing

Highly innovative genome editing technology platform with RNA-guided nucleases, base editors, and PAM diversity


Setting a new standard with fully characterized, high-quality iPSC lines to accelerate the development of iPSC-derived immunotherapies and regenerative medicines

Cell, Protein, and Vector Engineering

Platforms that enable the construction and scaling of cell and gene therapies, with a focus on immunotherapies

Partner With Us

Wherever you are in your cell and gene therapy (CGT) product life cycle, we come alongside you to strengthen and accelerate the development of life-transformative CGTs.